05/25/18 Tears

READING: Psalm 119:89-176

“My eyes shed streams of tears,because people do not keep your law.”

Psalm 119:136

I know some of the things that lead me to tears. The older I get, I must admit I sometimes cry at sad movies. I cry when I think of departed loved ones I miss, even when I know they are now with God. On the positive side, I cry often when corporate worship just lights my fire for God.  

And, I cry at times the psalmist describes this way: “My eyes shed streams of tears,because people do not keep your law” (Psa. 119:136). I weep when I see someone—particularly a woman—verbally or physically abused. I cry at the tragedies of ministries cut short by bad decisions. I cry quietly when I stand in another country at the altar of a false god. I cry when I watch people worship gods that don’t exist. I weep when I know non-believers who sit under the preaching of the Word but do not respond in faith and repentance. 

My question today, though, is this: do I grieve enough over the sin of others that I intentionally tell them the good news of Jesus? Can I with integrity speak these words: “My lips will pour forth praise,for you teach me your statutes. My tongue will sing of your word,for all your commandments are right” (Psa. 119:171-172)? Tears that result in no action are nothing more than religious emotionalism; however, the tears of a genuinely broken heart over sin will lead to proclamation. 


  • Evaluate how deeply you grieve your sin and the sin of others. 
  • Tell somebody about Jesus today. 

PRAYER:  “God, break my heart over sin enough that I will speak to others about Jesus.”

TOMORROW'S READING: Song of Solomon 1:1-5:1

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