11 Habits of the Best Husbands I’ve Known

I wasn’t raised in a Christian home, so I’ve not seen a Christian marriage up close. For that reason, I continually watch other Christian men so I can learn how to be a better husband. I’m not the husband I want to be, but I do have role models who challenge me in so many areas:  

  1. Scheduling a regular date night. Usually, that date night is weekly, though some go out every other week. 
  2. Scheduling “Daddy/son/daughter” nights. Few things please a wife and mom like a daddy who prioritizes and loves his children. 
  3. Intentionally setting aside time to talk . . . and more specifically, to listen. Most men aren’t good at being quiet and paying attention to someone else—including our spouse. The best husbands I know have changed that pattern. 
  4. Going to bed at the same time as their spouse. That’s not always easy, but every man I know who’s made this commitment says it was an invaluable change. 
  5. Respecting and honoring their spouse in public. Never have I heard any of these men belittle their wives in public. 
  6. Talking before planning. They include their family responsibilities in any calendaring conversation, no matter how busy they may be. 
  7. Praying with their spouse and children. The best husbands I know pray daily with their family. The prayer may be really brief, but it happens nonetheless. 
  8. Holding hands. It’s a simple act, but it says, “I’m glad you’re with me, I want to be near you, and I’m watching over you.” 
  9. Working diligently and wisely. These husbands work hard to provide for their families, but they also know how to balance family and work time. 
  10. Keeping their word. They make no promises they can’t keep, and they keep every promise they make. They are men of integrity. 
  11. Loving the Lord. The best husbands I know genuinely follow Christ. 

I read this list, and I realize I have more work to do than I thought. Pray with me that I’ll be a good husband.  


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