Saturday Suggestions: May 26, 2018

Check out these helpful posts:


What Makes Hard Places ‘Hard’? by Tony Merida, Doug Logan and Paul McLoughlan

"Hard places" can mean different things for different people. These three men give insightful perspectives for what it has meant for them.


Four Ways You Can Help Your Graduate by Tate Cockrell

Graduation is a monumental moment in the life of a student. Take full advantage of helping your student make this transition with these four tips.


Life-Giving Leadership by Mike Bonem

It’s easy to get bogged down in mundane tasks. Knowing what is life-giving to you can help you thrive in ministry.


Character: The Key to Leading for the Long Term by Ed Stetzer

We know that character is essential, but Dr. Stetzer reminds us of why it is so essential.


Seven Ways Church Outreach Has Changed in 15 Years by Thom Rainer

Outreach looks different today than it did in the past. These seven changes are worth paying attention to.



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