Saturday Suggestions: June 9, 2018

Check out these helpful posts:

Recovering Blue-Collar Jesus by Benjamin Quinn

Jesus made heaven and earth, but He also made tables. Benjamin Quinn explains why Jesus' job as a carpenter is significant to our lives.

7 Traits of a Great Team Member by Ron Edmondson

Team unity is vital to success, whether in the workforce or ministry. At least seven characteristics must be present in each team member for the group to thrive.

Loving the Lost by Ed Stetzer

We know we are called to love others, so why do we only spend time with like-minded believers? Ed Stetzer challenges us to truly love the lost like Jesus does.

5 Daily Practices to Gain Wisdom in Human Nature by Dan Reiland

In order to lead well, we must understand human nature. Here are some simple, yet effective steps for better knowing the people we are called to serve. 

You Don't Need a Passport to Reach the Nations by Micah Colbert

Believers are called to take the gospel to the nations. As Micah Colbert shares, there are several ways we can reach internationals living in our home communities. 

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