Saturday Suggestions/Week in Review

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If I Could Change One Thing in My Church, It Would Be… by Thom Rainer

What do church members wish they could change about their local church? Thom Rainer took a poll, and the top ten responses give us helpful insight into our congregations.

Managing Expectations for a Sustainable Ministry by David Murray

Whether you are a pastor or part of a team introducing a new pastor to your local church, David Murray's article establishes six ways to help a pastor maintain a healthy, balanced ministry.

The Unexpected Joy of Loving Your Neighbor by Kelly Minter

Many of us may want to serve others, but we don't want the inconvenience that comes with stepping into someone's life. Kelly Minter explains how it is our gospel-driven responsibility to engage the people around us.

Every Christian Must Be a Theologian by Jared C. Wilson

As Christians, we are disciples of Jesus. This means we must follow His teaching. Jared Wilson lists three reasons we should continue learning about God.

In case you missed this week's posts at, here's the week in review: 

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  2. 11 More Characteristics of Church Pessimists
  3. 5 Signs That the Enemy Has a Stronghold in a Church
  4. 9 Things to Do When You've Stopped Loving Your Congregation
  5. 10 Thoughts About Change in the Church

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