08/23/18 Without Fail

READING: Jeremiah 45-48

“But you, my servant Jacob, do not be afraid.”

Jeremiah 46:26

Israel had been exiled to the nations, but God wasn’t through with them. Yes, He would discipline them, but He would do so justly and rightly. Amid His judgment on all the nations, God would keep His hand on His people: 

But you, my servant Jacob, do not be afraid,
and do not be discouraged, Israel,
for without fail I will save you from far away,
and your descendants from the land of their captivity!
Jacob will return and have calm and quiet
with no one to frighten him.

And you, my servant Jacob, do not be afraid—
this is the Lord’s declaration—
for I will be with you.
I will bring destruction on all the nations
where I have banished you,
but I will not bring destruction on you.
I will discipline you with justice,
and I will by no means leave you unpunished (Jer. 46:26-27)

The people were not to be afraid or discouraged, for one reason: God was with them, and He would keep His word. “Without fail,” He would save them and bring them back to the land. 

I think I trust God, but there are still days when I need to remember these words: “Without fail I will save you.” 


  • Thank God for the way He protects His own—including you. 
  • Thank Him for His willingness to discipline us when we need it.

PRAYER: “Father, thank You for saving Your own ‘without fail.’”   

TOMORROW’S READING: Jeremiah 49-50

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