08/30/18 Promiscuous Hearts

READING: Ezekiel 5-8

“I was crushed by their promiscuous hearts.”

Ezekiel 6:9

The story of the Hebrews had been a continual story of rebellion. Their idolatry would bring judgment, and Jerusalem would fall as a result. God would pour out His wrath on them, and exile would be the result.  The people would then be reminded that He is the Lord. 

That judgment is not to suggest, however, that God was unmoved by His carrying out judgment. Though scholars debate the meaning of this text, Ezekiel records God’s response this way: “Then your survivors will remember me among the nations where they are taken captive, how I was crushed by their promiscuous hearts that turned away from me and by their eyes that lusted after their idols” (Ezek. 6:9). God would raise up a remnant of His people out of the judgment, but even they would come to realize how much their rebellion had wounded the heart of God—like the heartache of a sinned-against husband who saw his bride lust after others. The people would then “loathe themselves” (Ezek. 6:9) because of their actions, recognizing that God judged them with just cause. 

When I remember this picture, temptation loses much of its power in my life. 


  • When temptation comes today, think again about this text and reading. 
  • Ask God to break you over any recurrent sin in your life today. 

PRAYER: “Father, forgive my promiscuous heart.”       



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