8 Simple Ways to Pray for Your Church Today

It’s Monday, the start of a new work week. It’s also a day when we need to reflect on what God taught us and called us to do in worship services yesterday. Here’s my challenge to you today: find time to pray, and particularly pray for these things for your church: 

  1. For regular attenders of your church who weren’t there yesterday. Try to think of at least one person or family, and pray for them—whether or not you know why they weren’t there. They may well need your prayers. 
  2. For any person under conviction today from yesterday’s sermon. I trust God spoke to you, too, through the sermon, but if not (and even if you didn’t like the sermon), He might have spoken to somebody else you don’t even know. Pray that the enemy would not snatch the Word from that heart. 
  3. For your pastors, who may be struggling today with their own review of yesterday’s services. Pastors tend to be tough on ourselves, and many of us get weighted down when things don’t go as well as we had hoped. 
  4. For two or more children in your church who have not yet professed following Christ. Ask God to help them get grounded in the teachings of the Bible and then follow Christ when the timing is right. 
  5. For one or more teens in your church. Teenagers need our prayers just because they’re teenagers, and they’re beginning to make life-changing decisions. If you don’t know any names of teens in your church, check with your pastor. 
  6. For anyone who attended your church yesterday who might be straddling the fence with sin. You don’t even need to know who that person is. God knows him or her, so pray He will draw them back away from the sin line. 
  7. For God to call out from your church the next generation of pastors and missionaries. Some folks may already be dealing with this kind of call, and your prayers may convince them to step out in faith. 
  8. For next week’s worship service. Begin to pray now, and pray every day between now and then. Don’t wait until next Sunday. 

Following this prayer pattern does not require a lot of time, though you can certainly extend the time as you wish. It does require a burden for your church and some intentionality in your praying. May God guide you to people and needs as you pray at the beginning of this week!   

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