10/17/18 Worry

READING: Luke 12:1-13:30

 “Why worry about the rest?”

Luke 12:26

I wish I could say that I never worry . . . that I have grown so much in my faith that I no longer let worries capture me. But, even though I’ve been a believer for more than four decades now, I still sometimes struggle. I occasionally allow worrisome thoughts to enter my mind, linger there, grab my heart, and keep me awake at night. I’m still learning. . . .

And, what I’m learning to do is trust what Jesus said: “Can any of you add one moment to his life span by worrying? If then you’re not able to do even a little thing, why worry about the rest?” (Luke 12:25-26). The question is really quite a simple and logical one. Worry not only does not add anything to life, but it actually can cost years of life. Its effects on the physical body are real indeed. Worry simply makes little sense.

God has always taken care of me, and I can count no times when He did not have the best for me in mind. He’s taken care of the birds and the wildflowers; surely He will also take care of we who are created in His image. Worry brings me nothing except grief—so I must continually say as I grow, “Lord, I give You this worry. I know You’re not worried. Forgive my sin, and free me from this bondage.”   


  • Meditate on how often God has taken care of you in the past. 
  • Give your biggest worry to God today.
  • Check out this post about breaking the bondage of worry

PRAYER: “Lord, I give You my worries.”


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