16 Types of Church Attenders and Workers

In my years of church consulting, I’ve heard all kinds of descriptions of church people. Below are several types of church attenders. See where you fit, and then repent if needed. I’d also love to hear from pastors — which church member below do you most dread? most welcome?  

  1. Workaholic. They serve well, but they serve everywhere. Some do it because they genuinely love the Lord (and others let them work), even though they may be in the wrong positions. Others do it because they want control.
  2. Complainer. No matter what’s happening, these folks find something wrong with it. People roll their eyes when this person talks.
  3. Spectator. They come every week, but they only sit in the bleachers and watch. And, watching is usually as far as it goes.
  4. Caregiver. These members love ministering to the needy and the hurting. They’re important in your church, though they can quickly forget about evangelizing others.
  5. Partner. This type of church leader realizes that we cannot do this work alone, and he or she walks with God and welcomes people to the team.
  6. Hypocrite. I don’t know another way to describe this church member. He’s not a Christian.
  7. Napper. Church is a place to find rest, even if that means you fall asleep during the sermon every week. . . . .
  8. Straddler. This church attender has one foot still in your church, but the other foot has begun searching for a new place to worship.
  9. Inquirer. He or she has come with an honest passion for learning about Jesus.
  10. Columnist. This attender is the local gossip. He or she wants to know everything.
  11. Warrior. This is a church attender you want on your side. He or she knows how to pray.
  12. Banker. This attender gives really well, but he also assumes he should get special treatment because of that.
  13. Servant. All of us need this kind of church member who serves faithfully without expecting or demanding anything in return.
  14. Baby. This church member could be a new believer who’s not yet been discipled – or, he could be a long-term believer who whines about everything.
  15. Lobbyist. This person has a single-cause focus, and nothing else matters.
  16. Prodigal. He’s not fully home yet, but he’s on his way back. The father is waiting for his return.

Which one best describes you? Pastors, what are your answers to my previous questions?  






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