5 Reasons We Need to Pray for Teachers

I admit my bias here. I’m a teacher, so this post may seem like I’m writing only to affirm people like me. At the same time, I’m a teacher who teaches in a graduate-level institution that prepares people for ministry; thus, I make no claim to understand what public school teachers experience every day. I do know, though, that I owe those teachers my prayers.

Yesterday’s USA Today cover article (“America’s Teachers: A Day in the Life”) addressed teachers, and it began with the story of a teacher who prays with his principal as he begins each day. It’s that example that led to this call to pray for teachers:

  1. They may be the most stable adults available in the lives of some students. God alone knows all that some students face at home. In their lives, a faithful teacher may be the most consistent adult around.
  2. Many are trying to be a Christian witness in a lost world. They want to inspire their colleagues and their students, but they’re usually outnumbered by non-believers. They need our prayers.
  3. Many are working multiple jobs to pay their bills. They work other jobs so they can still teach simply because they love teaching. That reality makes it more difficult for them to focus on and strengthen their work as educators.
  4. Many feel a genuine call to teach. They stay in the public school system out of obligation to their calling, even when the work is hard. They seriously want to be light in the darkness. My work is in a Christian institution, but I understand that calling.
  5. Teaching can be a dangerous job. Just think about the school shootings that have occurred over the last several years, and you get the point. I doubt any teachers went to school that day assuming their lives would be on the line.

I challenge you today to take these steps:

  • If you are a parent or grandparent, say a prayer for the teachers of your family members.
  • Pray for at least one other Christian teacher you know today.
  • Challenge your church to join you in these prayers.
  • Send a note of prayer to a teacher.

Thank you, teachers. You have my respect. 


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