Saturday Suggestions/Week in Review

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How to Transform Your Leadership with 5 Simple “To Do” Items by Scott Cochrane

Oftentimes, leaders reach the end of the day wondering if they were successful. Scott Cochrane lists five practical and productive items that will strengthen us as leaders.

You Don’t Just Need Community, You Need Friends by Chris Surratt

It is important for believers to have people who truly know us and hold us accountable. Chris Surratt shares why we need  others to walk closely beside us.

What is a Bad Sermon and How Do I Recover from Preaching One? by Scott Slayton

No sermon is perfect, but sometimes pastors deliver “bad” sermons. Scott Slayton explains reasons we may be disappointed in the sermon we preached, as well as steps to take to recover from the discouragement.

Feeling Lonely? You’re not Alone by Bruce Ashford

Everyone can feel lonely at times, regardless of how many people we may know. Bruce Ashford offers gospel-centered truth for when we feel alone.

In case you missed this week’s posts at, here’s the week in review:

  1. Joining J.D. Greear in Praying for the SBC Today
  2. 10 Ways to Recognize a Sacred Cow in Your Church
  3. 10 Ways to Deal with Sacred Cows in Your Church
  4. 9 Ways to Pray for Victims of Recent Hurricanes and Storms
  5. 16 Types of Church Attenders and Workers

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