12 Questions for Self-evaluation as a Church Leader  

I believe it’s always good to do self-evaluation as a leader. Whatever your leadership position is, I encourage you to use these statements as part of your devotional time today. Let the Holy Spirit speak into your life, and be honest about whether these statements reflect your life:

  1. _____ I sometimes forget that the church is God’s church rather than mine.  
  2. _____ I get impatient with God; I want the church to grow now.
  3. _____ I pray so little that I’m leading the church in my own power.
  4. _____ I am growing as both a Christian and a leader.
  5. _____ I want my church to evangelize, but I’m not setting the example.
  6. _____ I would not want my church members to know the truth about my devotional life.
  7. _____ I want more human recognition for my efforts and success as a leader.
  8. _____ I don’t really love my church.
  9. _____ I fear that someone will find out about my private life.
  10. _____ I’m committed to my church, and I’m excited about the future.
  11. _____ I wish I had more authority in my church. 
  12. _____ My family might wonder if I should have a leadership position at all. 

Let us know how we might pray for you after you’ve completed the evaluation. 




  • John W Carlton says:

    These questions are going to be my daily check list as I begin my quiet time. Some of these really pricked my heart. (As one person said of her pastor, “He stopped preaching and began meddling. lol)

  • Mark says:

    I want to add some to this from a different persective:

    I have not worked to create different classes of Christians.
    I am perceived as helping create different classes of Christians.
    I have sold out one group of people to appease another group.
    I am perceived as a yes-person.
    I have listened to people’s concerns even if I did not like them.
    I have stood up to the unofficial power structure.

  • Cynthia says:

    I like such challenging instruments. Thank you for helping me continue the sometimes tough task of self-evaluation. My late husband used to gently chide, “You must learn to suffer fools gladly. Temper the wind to the shorn lamb.” Perhaps it is difficult sometimes because I wish someone would suffer the fool in me gladly!! And then I could fall to my knees giving thanks for God’s super duper sized grace and love. But do please pray for me and my leadership revitalizing a very old campus and declining congregation – with God’s help, grace, gifts, and forgiveness.

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