8 Ways for Church Leaders to End the Year Wisely

We have one month left in 2018, which means we have about 30+ days to end the year well. If you’re a church leader, I encourage you to consider these possible ways to finish the year:

  1. Read the Word every day. Even if you’re just beginning a consistent reading program, use December wisely. Here are two ways to read the Word this coming month:
  • Read one chapter from the book of Proverbs each day.
  • Read one chapter of the Gospel of Mark each day (which means you’ll read the book twice in December if you read two chapters on the last day of the month).
  1. Walk away from that sin in your life for the next month. Hear what I’m saying, though: we must turn from our sin, but we’ll never find ongoing victory until we find daily victory. To start in the right direction, make a commitment to fight for holiness the entire month of December.
  2. Share the gospel with somebody during the holiday season. I’d love for all of us to share the gospel with more people, but most believers never share it with anyone – so start with one person during this holiday month.
  3. Fast one day this coming month. Instead of eating that day, focus your attention entirely on God. Pray that you will long for God more than feeding your stomach.
  4. Make time for a date with your spouse. For most church leaders, the Christmas season is incredibly busy. Plan now to have at least one day with just your spouse.
  5. Pray every day for a different family in your church. Cover them with prayer, praying they will follow God like never before in 2019. Let them know ahead of time that you plan to pray for them, and secure their prayer concerns.
  6. Reaffirm your commitment to a local church. I assume you’re already faithful in a church – but don’t take that faithfulness for granted. I’ve been shocked by people who get angry with church folks and suddenly no longer attend church.
  7. Set other goals for 2019. Don’t wait until January! If you want suggestions, check here, here, and here.

Pick 1-2 of these options, and let us know via the comments section what commitments you make so we may pray for you. 

Any other suggestions you would add?




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