I love the Christmas season. I always did, even before I followed Christ – but knowing the One who is the reason for Christmas makes my excitement pure joy. That doesn’t mean, though, that I never grieve during this season. Over the next several days, in fact, I’ll take time to pray for the issues listed below.

December 20

  • For the billions of people in the world who’ve never heard of Jesus
  • For the thousands of missionaries who are serving far from their families of origin

December 21

  • For pastors and church leaders who want to celebrate, but whose ministry situations are painful and discouraging
  • For pastors who have no ministry, but who long to be preaching somewhere this season

December 22

  • For the members of my church who are working to invite friends and co-workers to attend church with them this weekend
  • For my neighbors and friends who seemingly have no intention to attend church this weekend

December 23

  • For my pastor and other leaders who will be leading our church to worship God today
  • For senior adults and others I know who would long to be in church today, but who cannot physically get there

December 24

  • For all the pastors and others leading Christmas Eve services tonight
  • For non-believers who are even thinking about attending a Christmas Eve service tonight – that they might attend, hear, and be converted

December 25

  • For thanksgiving and gratitude – thanking God for sending His Son to us
  • For families who can barely afford to put food on the table, much less celebrate Christmas with gifts

Would you join me in praying? In inviting others to pray? 



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