Forgive the personal nature of this post, but I need your help and prayer. As we approach a new year, I am making these commitments to strengthen my ministry and work – all that I cannot do without the help of God and His people:

  1. I will continue to write daily devotions and encourage others to read the Word with me. This year, we’ll focus on both an Old Testament and New Testament reading each day. For the devotions, my plan is to focus as much as possible on how to live a holy and disciplined life. I want to provide daily, practical, simple applications as we work together to follow Christ. If you are not already receiving the daily devotions, I invite you to subscribe on the lower right-hand side of this page. Tomorrow’s reading, by the way, is Genesis 1-3 and Matthew 1.
  2. I want to give more attention to some things that I love to do: preaching/teaching and writing. For the former, we will be starting a weekly podcast of Bible teaching that I hope will be encouraging and challenging to God’s people. As with the daily devotions, I want to make sure to offer clear application from the Word that helps us walk well with Christ. For the latter, my goal is to complete two books in 2019—a devotional book on spiritual warfare, and a book on temptation.
  3. I will be 58 years old next week, and I want to maximize whatever remaining time God gives me for ministry. It feels funny to be thinking that way at this point in my life, but I don’t want to wake up someday regretting my lack of attention to this question. I want to give God my blank check again, and then watch to see what He requires. 
  4. I want my ministry at Southeastern Seminary to continue to help make us a praying institution. That’s part of my role here, and I’m convinced that the next generation of pastors and missionaries needs role model prayer warriors. We must be academically strong while also reminding one another that we can do nothing of eternal significance without the power of God.
  5. I do want to continue to expand the ministry of this website. If it has been a help to you, would you please invite others to subscribe to the site? I commit to you that I will strive not to waste anyone’s time.

Would you pray now for me and my team?   



  • Kathy Collins says:

    We have loved reading your devotions and blog posts. They are a part of our daily quiet time and we have recommended this site to many. I am so looking forward to your weekly bible study podcasts. We are lofty you up our brother.

  • Yes Chuck, I will pray with you. And I will do what I can to share your offerings to those I know.

  • John W Carlton says:

    I commit to pray for you, for SEBTS, Dr. Al James, and all the staff at SEBTS. Thank you for your daily blog posts.

  • Beth Rhoton says:

    Thank-you for your daily postings and blogs. I (a Sunday morning small group Bible study leader) appreciate all that you do and am learning much from your posts. It is good for us (your readers) to be reminded from time to time to pray for you and others like you. Unfortunately we all too often take for granted those whom God places before us to mentor and educate us in our walk with Him. I am praying for the provision of His grace, strength, and wisdom for you in 2019.

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