A New Year’s Challenge from Charles Spurgeon (Repost)

As we start a new year, I’m challenged (as I always am) by these words from Charles Spurgeon.* He hits close enough to home that I’m uncomfortable:

I am sure that I may claim that the beginning of another year is a good time to begin blessing the Lord. For the mercies of another year, the forgiveness of another year, the provision, the instruction, the guidance, the supplies of another year, for the mercies of the year on which we enter with good heart of hope, for all our fears which have been averted, for all our hopes which have been fulfilled, for all that we have learned, for all that we have experienced, let us carry out this happy resolution that, from this time forth, we will bless the Lord!

Oh, how I wish that I could put this resolution into the hearts of some people whom I know! I hope they are Christians, but, you know, they were born on a bleak day and they always speak with lips of frost. You are never many minutes with them but you hear grievous complaining. Dear brother, how would it do for you to say, “From this time forth I will bless the Lord”? We know some who, like myself are depressed by this horrible wintry weather. We get to feel all our bones aching, and we are very apt, when we are full of rheumatism, to begin to talk about it. Come, my sister. Come, my brother, let us have done with that theme, and say, “From this time forth we will bless the Lord!” I know the style of talk that is very frequent; “Never was there such a dull time for trade. Business is worse than I ever knew it. Everything is going to the bad. There are wars and rumors of wars, and the world is coming to an end, and I do not know what is not going to happen.” Well, brother, if you like that strain, you must keep on at it, but as for me, and you, too; I really think that it would be better if we were both to say: “From this time forth we will bless the Lord.”

May the Lord help me to bless Him every day this year!



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