04/08/19 Sowing the Seed

READING: Joshua 15:13-17:18, Luke 8:9-39

Jesus told us to sow the seed of the gospel broadly, and He warned us that many people will not respond well to the gospel. In fact, three of the four “soils” Jesus described would not respond in genuine faith and repentance. Some will give little attention to the Word as the devil snatches it from them. Others will briefly listen, but trials, worries, and riches will distract them from believing. 

And, if that’s the end of the story, we might wonder why we do evangelism at all.

It’s the fourth soil that tells us why we do what we do: somebody will be ready to listen and then live a life that perseveres and produces fruit: “But the seed in the good ground—these are the ones who, having heard the word with an honest and good heart, hold on to it and by enduring, produce fruit” (Luke 8:15). We don’t know who that person is, so we sow broadly. We know that person exists, though, so we don’t let those who reject the gospel to distract us from seed-sowing. We always have the hope of encountering that person, so we press on with excitement, faith, and anticipation. We tell the good news because somebody’s waiting to hear it.

So, sow the gospel broadly today—and trust that God is at work.

PRAYER: “God, use me today to tell Your Word. Connect me with someone who’s read to listen.” 

TOMORROW’S READING: Joshua 18-19, Luke 8:40-9:6













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