04/21/19 Practical Discipleship: Mentoring Others

READING: Mark 3:13-15

As I read the Gospels, it’s clear that Jesus sought those men He would mentor (Mark 3:13-15).  He prayed all night long before calling them out (Luke 6:12), and He followed the Father’s plan to select 12 men. Paul apparently followed a similar pattern when he selected Timothy to be part of his team (Acts 16:1-3). It appears he was continually watching for believers who might do the work of ministry beside him.

While I doubt these texts are prescriptive, they do show us a pattern: the mentor sought out the mentees. That pattern suggests to me that we who are more mature believers ought to be looking for our own mentees – those we might lead, teach, encourage, correct, and love. Some potential mentees will, of course, engage us first, but I don’t believe the Bible grants us permission not to take the initiative to make disciples.

So, this coming week, watch for other believers who naturally hang around you. Look for those who appear to want to follow God – and who might be open to someone walking beside them. Invite somebody to lunch. Get to know him (or her, if you are a female reader). Ask God if He would have you take more intentional steps to mentor that believer. Those steps might be as simple as lunch once a month or as developed as accountability and training meetings once per week. Either way, do something to make a disciple! 

PRAYER: “God, show me the person(s) I might invest in.” 

TOMORROW’S READING: Judges 20-21, Luke 14:15-35






















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