05/18/19 Wisdom

READING: 1 Kings 2-3, John 4:1-26

More than 35 years ago, I was a 20 year-old pastor at my first church. I look back on those days, and I wonder why that congregation hired me in the first place. Then, I wonder why they didn’t fire me several times in the 2.5 years I was their pastor. I knew the Lord had called me to preach, but that’s about all I knew. I pray that all my sermons recorded on cassette tapes in those days have somehow been consumed in fire. And, I can only hope that those church members who are still living have forgotten all the mistakes I made.

I’m sure I asked God for wisdom at times, but I doubt it was with the passion of Solomon when he prayed these words: “Lord my God, You have now made Your servant king in my father David’s place. Yet I am just a youth with no experience in leadership. Your servant is among Your people You have chosen, a people too numerous to be numbered or counted. So give Your servant an obedient heart to judge Your people and to discern between good and evil. For who is able to judge this great people of Yours?” (1 Kgs 3:7-9). Solomon knew that his youthfulness and inexperience made him unqualified to lead God’s people, and he would not have the wisdom to lead them. Thus, his request was for just that—a discerning heart that walked in obedience.

I am aware today that I too seldom seek God’s wisdom as I attempt to lead in my various roles. I know better, but I’m still guilty of self-dependence at times. Thus, the prayer that accompanies this devotion matters much to me.

PRAYER: “God, give me the wisdom needed to seek Your wisdom every day.”

TOMORROW’S READING: Review and catch-up day








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