Risks and Joys of Giving God a Blank Check

More than four years ago, I wrote a post on “8 Reasons for Leaders to Give God a Blank Check.” More recently, some things have happened to raise this issue for me again. First, I’m older (old enough now to be asking preliminary questions about when I’ll retire)—and I’m forced to ask if I’m willing to do whatever God asks of me, regardless of my age or my position in ministry. Second, I’ve watched others I know give God that blank check, and their faith is stretching me. So, I’m thinking out loud with you today:

Risks of Giving God a Blank Check

  1. He might change all your plans. You may be thoroughly convinced of God’s plan for your life, but you’re not God. Neither am I. He who is God could surprise us with plans we haven’t yet considered.
  2. He might call you to the nations. Even if you’ve never even considered that option, that’s not a guarantee that God won’t call you there. We who are equipped pastors must consider using our training where others haven’t been trained, and we who are older must be open to spending retirement overseas.
  3. Even in North America, He might lead you to a ministry setting far from your family of origin. He does that all the time for international missionaries, but He might also require that of you. Your move may only be across states rather than oceans, but the distance may still be a stretch of your faith.
  4. He might challenge you far beyond your abilities. God has a way of doing that for His children, that is, He puts us in a position of need and helplessness to remind us who He is. That often means that He has to weaken us – and we don’t usually think that way about ministry preparation.
  5. He might call you to lead a smaller church. I realize that not many pastors think that way. Nor do our denominations that often reward those who lead larger churches. God might, though, call you to guide a smaller church – one that may not match your current pay. It takes faith to obey when God fills in our blank check with a salary that’s less than what we currently make.
  6. He might call you into danger. It’s possible. We serve Him in a dangerous world, and He doesn’t always grant us escape from that danger.

The Joy of Giving God a Blank Check

The joy is really simple, actually. When you give God a blank check and follow Him, you’ll know you’re in the center of His will. That’s not always a place of popularity and prosperity. It doesn’t always bring recognition. Sometimes it feels like obscurity. At times, it doesn’t seem to make sense. And, it’s not even always safe.

It’s risky to give God a blank check, but His plan is always right.  That’s what brings joy.


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