07/11/19 When It Doesn’t Make Sense

READING: Ezra 8-10, Acts 11:1-12:5

It’s not always easy to understand God’s plan and will. What we think is best is not always what God knows is best. What we assume would be the next logical step in our faith journey may not be the step that God demands. The way God answers our prayer—or appears not to—may surprise us. In all of these cases, we’re reminded that He who is God has the right to lead however He wishes—and it’s our responsibility to trust Him.

In Act 12, we find one of those stories that help us realize this truth. Herod “violently attacked some who belonged to the church” (Acts 12:1), and he executed James by the sword. James, the brother of John and a disciple of Jesus, paid the ultimate price for following Him. Herod then in turn arrested Peter and “assigned four squads of four soldiers each to guard him” (Acts 12:4). The church began “praying fervently” for Peter’s release (Acts 12:5)—and, as we will see in tomorrow’s reading—God sent an angel to free Peter from the prison walls.

So, God allowed James to die and Peter to live. The text doesn’t tell us why God led this way, and our speculations may not resolve our questions. Nevertheless, we trust Him as all-wise, knowing that His plan is always right.

PRAYER: “Father, help me to trust You even when Your will isn’t always easy to understand.”   

TOMORROW’S READING:  Nehemiah 1-5, Acts 12:6-13:12

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