Saturday Suggestions/Week in Review

Check out these important posts from others: 

3 Sources of Joy in Preaching Weekly by Trevin Wax
The call to preach  is not easy, but it is rewarding. Trevin Wax shares how teaching God’s Word brings joy.

5 Words that Strengthen Any Sermon by Jason K. Allen
A pastor’s word choices influence the strength of his sermon. Jason K. Allen shares five words that focus our message on Christ.

How Can You Find Purpose When You’re Not Working Your Dream Job? by Lauren Pratt
Our seasons of in-between are never wasted. Lauren Pratt explains what God can teach us in the middle of our waiting.

Three Thing that Describe a Life-Changing Bible Teacher by David Apple
We should never stop growing as preachers of God’s Word. David Apple lists qualities of teachers who make an impact.

In case you missed any of this week’s posts at, here’s the week in review: 

  1. 8 Ways the Enemy Attacks Churches
  2. 7 Reasons We Preachers and Teachers Need to Practice Reading the Word of God Aloud
  3. Signs of the Enemy’s Attacks on Individuals
  4. 10 Strategies for Recruiting Church Workers
  5. 12 Distractions During Worship Services

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