Thanksgiving in August: Thinking Out Loud about Things I Take for Granted

I realize that today’s list probably won’t give you any leadership or church growth tips. Actually, I’m inviting you into one of my practices of occasionally slowing down enough to consider God’s blessings—when I’m usually reminded of things I take for granted. I’m thankful today for:

  1. God’s willingness to get the gospel to me. He did it through a 12-year-old seventh-grade classmate, and my life’s never been the same. Billions of people still await to hear that message.
  2. Having the entire Bible in my language. I have opportunity to read all of God’s Word from Genesis to Revelation. Much of the world cannot claim the same gift.
  3. God’s gracious forgiveness. The older I get, the more His forgiveness amazes me. I deserve none of it.
  4. His transforming power. God frees us from our bondages and grants us victory over sin. Only because of Him can I walk in obedience.
  5. Worshiping freely with a church family. I’ve been in places around the world where we had to be cautious in how we did this. That’s not the case where I live.
  6. God’s reconciling love. I’ve seen God restore relationships in my life that I never thought could be fixed. He can take two broken, messed-up hearts and somehow re-connect them.
  7. His people. God’s people are often knuckleheads, but they’re still God’s people—and they’re some of the most giving, loving, forgiving, sacrificing people I know. I wouldn’t be who I am were it not for believers who’ve encouraged me.
  8. Holy Spirit conviction. The Spirit’s kept me awake at night when I’ve needed to deal with my heart, and He grants sweet peace when I’m seeking Him. I take for granted that I serve a living God who lives in me.
  9. Troubles. I admit that I write that word today without much difficulty, perhaps because I’m not currently facing great pain. I’ve learned, though, that God teaches me humility and dependence through troubles.
  10. Everything else. That’s a catch-all phrase, of course, but that’s the point. If I take for granted the things above, I’m probably guilty of taking everything for granted at some level. It’s no wonder the Spirit puts the brakes on my heart some days to remind me to be thankful.

May today be a Thanksgiving in August for you, too.




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