10/20/19 Practical Discipleship: Prayer and the Few

READING: Luke 9:28

This weekend, I’ve spent some time training pastors and lay leaders to equip their congregations to pray – and I’ve been careful to remind some of them that God has often brought revival and awakening through the prayers of just a few people. While we think we have to change an entire church to make a difference, God works through even a few people who simply seek Him.

In fact, Jesus more than once focused on three of His disciples (Peter, James, and John) as He sought to prepare them for their apostolic ministries. In Luke 9:28, He particularly took them to a mountain to pray. He knew what they needed, and He knew what they’d experience on that mountaintop. There, they would see the glory of God in Christ.

Our churches would be stronger, I’m convinced, if we spent more time training the few like Jesus did. So, don’t worry about changing everybody; instead, focus on the few.

PRAYER: “Lord, give me wisdom to pick a few people in whom to invest—and help us to pray.”    

TOMORROW’S READING:  Isaiah 46:1-49:13, Colossians 4:2-18






























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