11/14/19 Ever Interceding

READING: Jeremiah 49:1-50:16, Hebrews 7

God’s timing is always perfect. When He knows we need encouragement, He provides it. When we’re questioning, He meets us with hope. When He knows we need to wait for our good and His glory, He grants us patience. Today, I’m so grateful for the Word that speaks to my heart in just the right time!

I needed the reminder today that Jesus prays for us—that He “always lives to intercede” for us (Heb 7:25). He is our eternal high priest who saves us completely, the one who is “holy, innocent, undefiled, separated from sinners, and exalted above the heavens” (Heb 7:26). This truth means that we who are Christians are never alone, never fighting battles on our own, never “unprayed for.” He offered Himself for us in the past, and He intercedes for us in the present.

Most of us can name many wonderful, godly believers who pray for us—but none of these intercessors can match the intercessor Son of God.  So, why would we worry or fear when our Mediator prays for us? 

 PRAYER: “Thank You, Lord, for praying for me even now. I am humbled and grateful.”

TOMORROW’S READING:  Jeremiah 50:17-51:64, Hebrews 8:1-9:10
































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