12/11/19 Face-to-Face

READING: Daniel 3-4; 2 John, 3 John

Historically, writing letters was a primary way to communicate with people who were geographically distant.  We could use our words to express our feelings toward others, and some of us still keep written notes or letters that are special to us. Today, many of us use email, texts, etc., to communicate—which speeds up the process but makes it more difficult to keep the mementos

There’s nothing quite like being with people face-to-face, though. There’s just something powerful about seeing a face, hearing a voice, and hugging the neck of someone we love. We may use the same words we would have written, but it’s still different . . . .

John felt that way toward the believers to whom he wrote his letters. He still had much to tell them, but he preferred being with them personally as he taught them: “Though I have many things to write to you, I don’t want to use paper and ink. Instead, I hope to come to you and talk face to face so that our joy may be complete” (2 John 1:12). If he could only be with the believers personally and guide them into truth, his joy would be full. As long as he was not with them, however, the “paper and ink” had to suffice.

As we minister to others today, it’s hardly wrong to communicate via electronic means. My fear, however, is that we’ll do ministry almost exclusively by the phone in our hand—and we’ll “serve” people without ever spending time with them. In fact, we can now minister to someone without either one of us using our voices. That’s a tragedy, in my judgment. Ministry is a “face-to-face” work.

PRAYER: “God, don’t let me rely on ministering to people without ever being with them.”

TOMORROW’S READING: Daniel 5-6, Jude











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