12/21/19 Beds Inlaid with Ivory

READING: Amos 6-9, Revelation 11:1-12:6

Think about the ways we find “security.” Quite often, we nest our security in our possessions and our positions; that is, we feel good when we have stuff and power. In fact, that’s when we most often rest in complacency, assuming that everything will always be fine. We stand on the mountaintop of life, and we can’t even think honestly about things not working out. We are, like the people of Zion and Samaria in Amos’ day, living in relative luxury without much concern for the moral state of our nation before God.

Here’s how Amos described the people of his day: “They lie on beds inlaid with ivory, sprawled out on their couches, and dine on lambs from the flock and calves from the stall. They improvise songs to the sound of the harp and invent their own musical instruments like David. They drink wine by the bowlful and anoint themselves with the finest oilsbut do not grieve over the ruin of Joseph” (Amos 6:4-6). You can just hear the ease with which Jerusalem and Samaria lived—hardly expecting the judgment of God. God “loathes” that kind of pride (Amos 6:8).

All of us, though, can be equally prideful—living as we wish, perhaps even talking about righteousness and judgment in the context of the church, but generally ignoring the commands of a righteous judge. May God today dislodge the ease with which we live and lead us to cling to Him!

PRAYER: “God, show me where my ‘luxury’ has become my God—and thus gets in the way of my following You. Forgive me.”

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