12/22/19 Practical Discipleship: Reading Plans

READING: 2 Timothy 4:13

I’m often surprised by my seminary students who admit to not reading many books in their undergraduate work. They did what they had to do to “get by” and to pass their classes, but they hardly devoured any books. Now, though, they get to read books related to their ministry preparation – and these same non-reading students are now reading voraciously. They love reading books that others they respect recommend to them. They passionately discuss works that stretch their thinking. When they’re not reading course textbooks—like now when they’re on Christmas break—they find something else to read.

I give you this background because I want us to think about our privilege and responsibility of recommending books to others we’re discipling. Sometimes we get to recommend the books that have most influenced our lives (as these books have influenced my life). In other cases, we can direct our mentees to books that help them address their own concerns or questions (like these books on prayer or evangelism). Sometimes we read together simply for inspiration, accountability, and discipline. Reading together allows us to engage and critique ideas in the context of a discipling relationship.

So, I encourage you to develop a reading plan for 2020—and occasionally invite someone else to join you. 

PRAYER: “Lord, help me to steward well my privilege of reading in 2020.”

TOMORROW’S READING: Obadiah, Jonah 1-4, Revelation 12:7-13:18
















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