A Christmas Wish for a Nonbelieving Friend

Hi, friend.

You and I have had such good times together. We can be apart for months at a time, but it’s as if nothing’s changed when we get together again. You can never know how grateful I am for your friendship.

How I wish, though, that I could give you these things for Christmas:

  • trust in the Bible as the Word of God
  • the joy I have in following Jesus, who is the center of the Christmas story
  • the belief that the Lord can truly change you and make you anew
  • the exhilaration of true forgiveness that God grants those who follow Him
  • freedom from sin patterns that seem to control you
  • deep rest in the night, knowing that your soul rests in God’s hands
  • excitement about how God might use you in the future

I can’t give you those things, but I can direct you to the One who can–Jesus. I long for the day when we walk together as brothers in Christ! Until then, please know that I love you, am grateful for you, and pray that Jesus will be the ultimate gift for you this Christmas.


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