01/07/20 Bad Thinking

READING: Genesis 3-5; Mark 2

Jesus spoke a word of forgiveness to the paralytic—“Son, your sins are forgiven” (Mark 2:5)—and His doing so stressed out the religious leaders in His midst. After all, only God could forgive sin—and it was blasphemous for the son of a carpenter to make such claims! The leaders did not, though, immediately raise this question with Jesus; instead, they just considered it within their hearts.

What they didn’t realize was that Jesus was indeed the Son of God, and He knew what they were thinking. They weren’t hiding anything from Him. Likely to their surprise, He asked them this question: “Why are you thinking these things in your hearts?” (Mark 2:8). He then proved His power to them not only by forgiving sin, but also by granting physical, non-debatable healing to the man who then arose and went out of the house.

What I wonder today is how often Jesus will need to ask me, “Why are you thinking these things in your heart?”

  • When I get angry and impatient with someone, whispering my frustration under my breath?
  • When my ego wins out, and I consider myself more important than I am?
  • When I pray, yet wonder why God hasn’t yet answered those prayers?
  • When I lose the battle of lust in my mind?
  • When I forget God’s forgiveness and beat myself up for yesterday’s sin?
  • When I worry about things that are all under God’s control?
  • When I question Jesus’ power?

I fear the possibilities are much more numerous, but I’m asking God today to turn my heart and mind fully to Him. Especially when sin is “crouching at [my] door” (Gen 4:7) today, I want my mind in the right place.

PRAYER: “God, help me to think on You all day today.”

TOMORROW’S READING:  Genesis 6-8, Psalm 104, Mark 3

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