03/27/20 A Good Father

READING: Deuteronomy 23-26, Luke 11

I believe in prayer, but that doesn’t mean that I pray like I should. Sometimes I get busy and distracted. Sometimes I’m just independent and self-sufficient—and I don’t always take my needs to God. I grieve my tendency to turn to God only when I can’t handle something. When I read Luke 11:5-13 today, though, that confession becomes even more agonizing to me.

Jesus gave His disciples a model prayer, and He followed that teaching with a parable about seeking God. Jesus uses that story to remind us that (1) our God is a good Father; (2) He surely gives greater gifts than the good gifts that evil fathers give; (3) He delights in giving Himself to us. In essence, Jesus’ story leads me to ask, “If I really believe God is a good Father who lovingly gives us His gifts and His Spirit, why would I not run to Him with my every need?

Asking, seeking, and knocking make a lot more sense to me than fearing, doubting, and fleeing. God opens the door when we knock with persistence and trust; so, I ask myself again, “Why do I carry burdens alone when the Father welcomes my coming to Him?”

We serve a good, good Father, and He is worthy of our praise. In fact, maybe you want to close your devotional time by listening to the same song I chose to use for worship in my quiet time. 

PRAYER: “God, thank You for being accessible, gracious, welcoming, and caring. Thank You for allowing me to talk to You.”

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