5 Relationships that Every Christian Needs, Especially Now

In these crazy days of the coronavirus threat, I’ve missed hanging out with other believers. In fact, I’ve grown to appreciate them in new ways–and I realize how much I need them. As I think about relationships, here are five relationships every follower of Christ needs:

  1. God – I know this one’s a given, but too often we know God in our head and not in our heart. Having a genuine relationship with God means wanting to speak to Him, hear from Him, be obedient to Him, and tell others about Him. I’m not sure many believers have that kind of relationship with our Creator.
  2. A “Paul” – All believers need a mature brother or sister in Christ who mentors them, who guides them in life to walk more and more with Jesus. A “Paul” has permission to ask you any questions, to drill down deeply into your life so even your secret places are still honoring to God.
  3. A “Barnabas” – A “Barnabas” is a peer, a friend who encourages you to be faithful to God. He knows you well enough to read your eyes and understand your heart, but he’s also the guy who just “hangs out” with you for the fun of it. He’s a brother who’s close to where you are in his walk with God, and your goal is to grow together.
  4. A “Timothy” – “Timothy” is a younger believer into whose life you invest yourself (which, of course, makes you a “Paul” to him).  He’s the believer who watches your life, listening and learning from you as you spend time together. Your Timothy wants to be like God because you are.
  5. A “Samaritan woman” or a “rich young ruler”– That is, all of us need an intentional relationship with some non-believer, whether it’s a woman at the well, a rich young ruler, or a religious Pharisee. If you don’t have such a relationship, it’s going to be difficult to be a Great Commission Christian who shares the good news.

Which of these relationships do you have? I encourage you in this week of isolation and quarantine to pick up your phone, call someone who’s meant a lot to you, and actually talk to that brother or sister in Christ. You’ll make somebody’s day with your call! 


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