04/15/20 Are You the Only One?

READING: Judges 12-16, Psalm 146, Luke 24

The disciples on the road to Emmaus were walking with Jesus, but they didn’t recognize Him. He asked them about their discussion, surely already knowing their content but working to draw faith out of them. Discouraged and not realizing yet that the Son of God had asked the question, the follower named Cleopas asked Jesus, “Are you the only visitor in Jerusalem who doesn’t know the things that happened there in these days?” (Luke 24:18). The commotion had been so great, he assumed, that everyone would have heard something about the events of the past few days.

As we have just celebrated Resurrection Sunday this past weekend, the question Cleopas asked is ringing in my head. Believers around the world—including many who could not meet with their local congregations because of COVID-19—worshiped the Lord and honored Him as the Savior. He died in Jerusalem, but He didn’t stay in the grave. We rejoice every day because our Lord lives!

Still, though, billions of people yet have no idea of the story of Jesus. You and I might ask of them the same question Cleopas asked, “Are you the only one who doesn’t know the things that happened in Jerusalem in those days?”—simply because we forget that much of the world has no access to this message. It’s almost hard to believe in today’s global culture that folks wouldn’t know about the gospel, but that’s the case. Billions don’t know—and it’s our responsibility to get the message to them.  

PRAYER: “Lord, please break my heart over the lostness of the world.“

TOMORROW’S READING: Judges 17-18, Psalm 21, Acts 1

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