06/04/20 Divine Intercession

READING: 1 Kings 3, 2 Chronicles 1, Psalm 42, Romans 8

It seems like our world has gone crazy. Sometimes it feels like evil is winning. At other times, we face the reality of living in a fallen world filled with sickness and decay. We know we need to pray, but our grief and emotions at times make it hard to know what to say.

It’s then that the Spirit of God takes up intercession for us. When prayer is tough, He prays for us “with inexpressible groanings” (Rom 8:26). He helps us in our weaknesses, always praying according to the will of the Father. Thus, the Father has a plan even in the midst of struggle, and the Spirit prays for us according to that plan. Meanwhile, Jesus intercedes for us at the right hand of God.

The enemy cannot condemn us, and nothing can separate us from the love of God. That shouldn’t surprise us when we know the Trinitarian God of the Bible is on our side.

PRAYER: “Lord, I am amazed by intercession of the Son and the Spirit on my behalf. I am humbled.”  

TOMORROW’S READING:  1 Kings 4, Proverbs 1-2, Psalm 43, Romans 9














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