6 Reasons Why Some Pastors May Resign Soon after the COVID Crisis

I have a lot of hope for the church these days. The COVID crisis has forced us to look at ourselves and make some necessary decisions to move forward in today’s chaos. On the other hand, I won’t be surprised if some pastors resign, often unexpectedly, after “normal” (whatever that is) returns. Here’s why:

  1. Some are just worn out. The stress of the first days of COVID may seem like a hundred years ago, but the same pastors who worked non-stop for months still face the stress of almost daily changes. Some are hanging on right now because of the crisis, but they’re losing steam.
  2. Some were already wrestling about their role prior to COVID. They were already thinking about stepping down in early spring, and some will take that step when the timing seems more appropriate. Prior questioning + current fatigue + better timing might eventually = resignation.
  3. Some were already talking to another church prior to COVID – or, they’ve begun that conversation in the last few months. These strange days have affected the ways churches seek a pastor, but the searches continue. Some pastors have stayed where they are for the good of the church today, but their heart is already leaning elsewhere.
  4. Some pastors of churches struggling before COVID are now facing the reality of their church struggling even more. In some cases, the church may need to reduce salaries and benefits—and the pastor may need to find other employment. In other cases, the pastor may simply have lost a vision for guiding the church to growth.
  5. Some, I fear, will resign because of marital and family issues exacerbated by the stress of these days. None of us is immune from relational struggles, and the strain of sheltering at home and quarantining has only compounded these struggles for some—including pastors.
  6. Some—particularly those who did not quickly learn to shepherd their church from a social distance—may have lost a bit of their heart for their congregation. Other factors may well contribute to the decision, but any emotional distancing can become a first step toward dislodging oneself from a church leadership role.

So, what’s my point with this post? Even pastors I know are struggling still want to be in the center of God’s will. Let’s pray for, encourage, and love those God has called to guide His church!




  • Jerry Watts says:

    What a heads up, Chuck…praying that this is not true, but my heart tells me – it may be so…

  • James says:

    I would add, some are tired of the battles that have sadly erupted from all this: masks or no masks, do we actually have to obey the government or can we just ignore them, is the virus real or a hoax? The list goes on…but pastors are caught in the middle with people yelling at them from both sides. It grows wearisome wondering who will be mad at you today.

  • Jim Sexton says:

    We need to encourage our Pastors they are tired they need to know we care. Pray for the Wives and Family. Pray also for the Church that they will be Faithful

  • Tommy says:

    Unless something changes soon, I’m already planning my escape. I’m 18 years into this successful church plant that started in my living room.
    It’s been the most painful time in my life, burying members of both church and family. I’ve received constant criticism and very little communication from those I’ve poured my life out for.
    I’m going to finish well, I’m gonna land the plane safely on the other side of COVID and then bow out before the pastorate takes my wife and kids.

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