5 Quick but Intentional Ways to Pray this Labor Day

Today in the United States is Labor Day, a day to honor American workers. I encourage you to take some time today and pray these prayers on this holiday; in fact, you can pray these prayers in just a few minutes: 

  1. If you have a job, thank God for it. Even if you don’t like the job, there are many others today who would like to have any job. And, even the poorest among us in the United States often have more than much of the world. Thank God for whatever opportunity He’s given you.
  2. If you don’t have a job, thank God that He’s not worried—and ask Him to give you faith to trust Him to meet your needs. He’s neither surprised nor anxious about your situation. Trust Him while you’re waiting, and He’ll take care of you and your family.
  3. Pray a prayer of blessing on someone you know who’s looking for a job. Let him or her know you’re praying, and believe God to hear your prayers. If you don’t know anyone without a job, say a general prayer on behalf of the millions who are unemployed.
  4. Ask God to return you to work tomorrow (or whenever) with the goal of doing all you do for His glory. After all, we’re supposed to do everything that way (1 Cor 10:31). If you’re in a secular job, you have the unique opportunity to show God’s transforming grace to others by the way you work, serve, and share.
  5. Pray for more laborers in your local congregation and among the nations. Jesus told His followers to pray this way (Luke 10:1-2), but we’ve somehow missed His really clear directive here. Especially as churches are regathering these days, we need Him to give us the workers.

Let’s make this day a day of prayer, friends! Labor on for His glory. 

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