11/02/20 Immediately at the Shore

READING: Ezekiel 16-18, John 6

 Today’s one of those days when I’m reminded that I don’t always read the scriptures as closely as I should. Many times, I’ve read the story of Jesus feeding the 5000, putting the disciples in a boat, and then walking to them on the water. I’ve often talked about the lack of faith of the disciples and the grace of Jesus in calming their fears again—even though they had already forgotten about His power in feeding the thousands. What I’ve not often caught – or perhaps in advertently read over – is the fact that when Jesus got into the boat with them, “at once the boat was at the shore where they were heading” (John 6:21).

Jesus not only calmed the sea, but He also instantaneously landed the boat at the place to which they were headed in the first place. It seems as soon as He stepped into the boat, they arrived – and we’re reminded that Jesus not only takes us through the storm but He also gets us where He wants us to be. How He chooses to do that is up to Him, of course; our responsibility is simply to trust Him when we hear Him say, “It is I. Don’t be afraid” (John 6:20).

He who is the Master over nature is also the Ruler of our lives. We can indeed trust Him.

PRAYER: “God, thank You for miracles. Help me not to miss Your work around me today.”    

TOMORROW’S READING: Ezekiel 19-21, Psalm 84, John 7







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