11/09/20 He Told Them Plainly

READING: Ezekiel 31-33, John 11

I cannot thank Christ enough for the patient, loving way He teaches us. I know I’m hard-headed at times. I can be impulsive and stubborn at the same time. I don’t always listen, and I too often forget quickly. Still, Jesus keeps teaching me. 

I see this spirit of Christ in today’s New Testament reading as well. He explained to His disciples the situation with Lazarus using these words: “Our friend Lazarus has fallen asleep, but I’m on my way to wake him up” (John 11:11). Lazarus had, of course, died, but Jesus was simply using terminology to say that the story was not yet over – He was going to intervene miraculously. The disciples, on the other hand, didn’t understand what Jesus said (which was often the case): “Then the disciples said to him, ‘Lord, if he has fallen asleep, he will get well’” (John 11:12). Jesus was preparing them for the miracle to come, but they weren’t at the place to understand it yet. They were thinking only about natural sleep. 

Their Lord did not get frustrated with them, though. Rather, “Jesus then told them plainly, ‘Lazarus has died’” (John 11:14). Knowing they didn’t understand, Jesus just kept teaching them. When they didn’t comprehend the depth of His words, He taught them at a more basic level. He needed them to understand—so He taught them some more. 

Today, I’m deeply grateful that Jesus just keeps teaching me when I don’t understand. I’m glad He just tells me plainly when I need it . . . . 

PRAYER: “Lord, thank You for Your patient teaching. Your grace is amazing.”  

TOMORROW’S READING: Ezekiel 34-36, Psalm 86,  John 12

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