12/17/20 Until We’re Finished

READING: Job 4-7, Psalm 99, Revelation 11

Scholars debate who the “two witnesses” in Revelation 11 are. Some see them as Moses and Elijah because of the named miracles in this chapter so associated with these two Old Testament heroes. Others say they’re Enoch and Elijah because neither “died” in a typical way. Still others suggest they’re the church of Christ living out their prophetic role in end times. Some commentators simply conclude that we don’t know who these mysterious prophets are; after all, the point of the chapter is not that we identify these messengers.

What is clear is that these prophets will be killed—but not until they’ve finished their task of proclamation (Rev 11:7). They will still pay a price for their faith, but not before God’s timing is completed. They will accomplish what God intended them to do before evil forces (temporarily) conquer them. Thus, God’s sovereignty is again clear—including in His promise of new life and resurrection for saints who lose their lives. 

It’s good to be reminded today that our lives rest in the timing of God’s plan. Even if we die seemingly far too early, God is still in control of the timing. He does not get it wrong. 

PRAYER: “God, empower me to serve You with abandon today, knowing You’re in charge of the length of my life.”       

TOMORROW’S READING: Job 8-11, Revelation 12

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