5 Posts on Personal and Church Evangelism

Even in the midst of COVID, our responsibility to do evangelism hasn’t changed. Maybe one of these previous posts will help you lead your church in an outward direction:

8 Reasons the Pastor Matters Most in a Church’s Evangelistic Efforts

11 Characteristics of Evangelistic Pastors

8 Marks of Evangelistic Churches

5 Ways to Move from Prayer to Proclamation in Evangelism

7 Thoughts on Introverts and Evangelism

In tomorrow’s post, I will deal particularly with evangelism through small groups. Stay tuned!  


  • Robin G Jordan says:

    When I publish my daily blog posts, I try to include at least one post on evangelism. Thank you for providing five. I may have previously posted them but I have found that when we reread a post, we may notice things that we did not notice the first time that we read it. Rereading posts also reinforces learning and provides encouragement to act on what we have learned. Looking forward to your post on small group evangelism.

  • Robin G Jordan says:

    I ended up with six posts on evangelism. Desiring God had an article, “The Lost We Love the Most
    Evangelism to Friends and Family,” to which I am posting a link. Here is the link to the article: https://www.desiringgod.org/articles/the-lost-we-love-the-most

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