An Important Challenge to Pastors

Pastors, I’m writing to you today with a challenge. My heart is consumed with love and gratitude for missionaries, and I want us to do all we can to support them—so here’s my challenge: take time in the next few days to contact a missionary and encourage him or her. Below are some reasons why I want you to take this step (and, if you need help finding a missionary to connect with, please let me know—I’ll get you connected with somebody):  

  1. A single word of encouragement will mean a lot to folks who sometimes feel lonely. A task that will take us just a few minutes can be life-giving to a missionary. It’s amazing how much a simple phone call or email makes a difference.
  2. The enemy aims his arrows at cross-cultural workers. He always attacks those who drive into the darkness—particularly those who stand on the edge where the gospel has not yet gone. It’s always good for these missionaries to know they’re not alone.
  3. In many cases, COVID has seriously affected the work of missionaries. Some who’ve moved their families overseas have found themselves almost locked in their homes for the past year—sometimes with large families in small homes. Others have been stuck in the States because the borders of their missionary home remain closed. They need our encouragement. 
  4. Reaching out to a missionary will turn your attention outwardly—a good direction for any of us who lead churches. Just talking to a missionary will remind us that the world is much bigger than our own little world. It’s also a reminder we’re privileged to play even a minor role in reaching the nations. 
  5. You will pray more for missionaries when you know more of their names and needs. Generic praying for missionaries doesn’t often last long; deeply-felt, burdened prayer by name does. Your church’s Great Commission focus will be stronger in the end when you connect with a missionary.  

Again, contact me through this website if you want to connect with a missionary and offer encouragement. 

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