05/06/21 Very Early

READING: 1 Samuel 27-31, Luke 21:20-22:13

It’s one of those days when I was halted by something in the Word I’m sure I’ve read many times before. Luke tells us that Jesus taught in the temple during the day and retreated at night to the Mount of Olives. Then, Luke writes, “And all the people would get up very early in the morning to come to Him in the temple to listen to Him” (Luke 22:38). Jesus spent time early in the morning with the Father (Mark 1:35), but the people also made their way to Him as the day began. 

Perhaps that time was the least busy time to hear from Jesus, or maybe He seemed most accessible then. I even wonder if some simply couldn’t wait to hear from Him. Whatever the reason may have been, the people apparently prioritized spending time as students under Jesus’ teaching. And no wonder – He taught like no one else had ever taught, and they hung “on to every word he said” (Luke 19:48). 

May it be that we, too, cannot wait to hear from Jesus! 

PRAYER: “God, give me this longing.” 

DAILY ACTION STEP:  Tomorrow, get up earlier and just meditate on God’s Word. 

TOMORROW’S READING:  2 Samuel 1-3, Luke 22:14-46

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