6 Resources to Consider if God is Calling You to Ministry – or to Help Others Determine God’s Call

Recently, my denomination (the Southern Baptist Convention) adopted a Vision 2025 that includes a renewed emphasis on “calling out the called.” I’m a firm believer that we pastors have this obligation, so I’m grateful for this commitment. Here are some resources that might help you in this task—whether for you personally or for others: 

  1. Seeking and Discerning the Call to Gospel Ministry, panel of various Southeastern Seminary professors
  2. Has God Called You to the Ministry?, by Jason Allen 
  3. Take the Ministry Test: Is God Calling You to Ministry Leadership?, by Brandon Cox
  4. Is God Calling Me?, by Jeff Iorg (podcast)
  5. Am I Called to the Ministry?, by David Murray
  6. 6 Distinguishing Marks of a Call to Gospel Ministry, by Steven Lawson (based on work by Martyn Lloyd-Jones)

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  • Werner says:

    I would like to add, The Power of the Call by Henry Blackaby & Kerry Skinner. It was an amazing resource that helped me focused on what’s important when you’re trying to figure out the Lord’s calling!

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