07/16/21 Explaining the Word

READING: Nehemiah 8-10, Acts 14

I love to preach. I know how clearly God called me to preach when I was 13 years old, and I have never been able to ignore that calling. When I first started preaching, I simply wanted to get to the gospel and lead non-believers to Christ. I did not think enough (or, for that matter, know enough) about expositing the Word in preaching. 

Since then, I’ve learned the necessity of simply explaining the Word and trusting God to change and grow His people. In today’s Old Testament reading, Ezra read the Word for the people. Some Levites, too, had a role: they “explained the law to the people as they stood in their places. They read out of the book of the law of God, translating and giving the meaning so that the people could understand what was read” (Neh 8:7-8). Their responsibility was to help the people understand what the Word meant—one of the roles we pastors still have today. 

We have the privilege of explaining to others the Word of God. Would you pray today and tomorrow for pastors you know, asking God to grant them focus and clarity as they lead others?

PRAYER: “God, help me to explain Your Word well this weekend.”   

DAILY ACTION STEP:  Do pray for teachers and pastors who will be explaining the Word. 

TOMORROW’S READING: Weekend is for catch-up and review

MONDAY’S READING: Nehemiah 11-13, Acts 15:1-21

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