07/20/21 Well Thought Of

READING: Esther 1-4, Acts 15:22-16:10

What would you like to be written in your obituary or on your grave marker? When I think most arrogantly, I think I’d like mine to say something like, “He was a good teacher and preacher,” “his students loved him,” or maybe even something like, “he liked outdoor adventure even though he was old.” When I think about Pam, my wife, I hope she would write, “I know he loved me,” “he helped me follow the Lord,” or “he made me laugh.” 

But, when I read today’s New Testament reading, something else comes to mind. The words there aren’t an epitaph, but they are the written assessment of a young man’s life. In Acts 16, Luke recorded these words about Timothy: “Timothy was well thought of by the believers in Lystra and Iconium” (Acts 16:1-2). Timothy was just a young man, but already believers in more than one city knew of his Christian testimony and reputation. The reports were apparently so consistent and recurrent that Paul wanted Timothy on his team. 

So, I add those words to what I hope others will say about me when I die: “he was well thought of by the brothers and sisters.” May God help me to get there. 

PRAYER: “Lord, You have just heard my request. Let me live this way.”   

DAILY ACTION STEP:  If you know another believer with whom you need to reconcile, prayerfully begin to do so today. Do it well, for God’s glory. 

TOMORROW’S READING:  Esther 5-10, Acts 16:11-40

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