07/30/21 Amazing Grace

READING: Job 21-24, Acts 21:37-22:21

It was a miraculous day in Saul’s life. On his way to Damascus to persecute believers, he experienced something quite unique—a bright light that suddenly flashed before him, followed by a message from the Lord. Saul was to go to Damascus, where a man named Ananias who give him further guidance. It was an unexpected, unusual event, to say the least. 

My conversion experience was certainly not as dramatic as Saul’s experience. I saw no bright light, and I did not experience blindness. Nor was I on my way to persecute believers when I got saved. Still, though, the miraculous was evident. It may not have been evident in external displays of God’s glory like a blinding light, but it was obvious in my young—but changed—heart. 

GOD had sent my 7th grade classmate to share the gospel with me. He never left me alone as I fought against His conviction in my heart. He alone convinced me to respond in faith and repentance; then, He saved me and welcomed me into His family. It’s all amazing. 

It’s all amazing grace. 

PRAYER: “Father, thank You for miraculously saving me years ago.”   

DAILY ACTION STEP:  Work through your testimony, and thank God for the people He sent to you when you were a non-believer. 

TOMORROW’S READING:  Weekend is for catch-up and review

MONDAY’S READING : Job 25-28, Acts 22:22-23:22

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