08/06/21 Too Wondrous for Me

READING: Job 39-42, Acts 27:1-12

Frankly, I can think of many times when I wish I could take back something I said. Sometimes it was just a confusing point in a sermon. In some cases, it was guidance I gave as a pastor that proved not to be the best option. At other times, I pontificated on some theological issue I was thoroughly ill-equipped to discuss. I often did not have enough understanding to be wise in applying biblical truth to my life—or anyone else’s life for that matter. 

Job came to a similar conclusion in today’s Old Testament reading. He had previously expressed his questions and concerns about God and His ways, but no more. He had encountered God in a powerful way, and he realized how little he knew. His only response was to say, “Surely I spoke about things I did not understand, things too wondrous for me to know. . . . I reject my words and am sorry for them; I am dust and ashes” (Job 42:3, 6). 

I suspect all of us must say at some point, “I spoke about that which I understand too little. Please forgive me.” Sometimes it’s just wise to admit our ignorance, be quiet, and listen as the Lord teaches us wondrous things.

PRAYER: “God, help me to listen more than speak today.”   

DAILY ACTION STEP:  Be mindful of your words today—particularly ill-informed words.

TOMORROW’S READING:  Weekend is for catch-up and review 

MONDAY’S READING: Psalms 1-5, Acts 27:13-44

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