09/01/21 Number Our Days

READING: Psalms 87-90, 1 Corinthians 2-3

Our God is eternal, and it is in Him we who live only fleeting lives find our hope. Our lives are short, like grass that grows in the morning and withers by time the night comes. Even if we live 70 or 80 years, those years pass quickly. In fact, we could live 1000 years, and that lifespan would be like only a few hours in God’s sight. 

Our God, on the other hand, is the God who has always been and will always be. From eternity to eternity, He is God (Psa 90:2). Our days are few, but our God is everlasting. Thus, the gospel is such good news: through the death of Christ, we who were once destined for death and eternal judgment now can experience eternal life in Him. We live forever with the One who is forever.  

So, we must be grateful for every day God gives us. We must use each day as a gift from the Father.  We must seek His wisdom to use the time He gives us for His glory. 

PRAYER: “Father, help me to use this day wisely.” 

DAILY ACTION STEP:  Throughout the day, consider each decision you make. Don’t waste the day when we have no promise of tomorrow.

TOMORROW’S READING: Psalms 91-96, 1 Corinthians 4-5

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