09/12/21 Sunday Quote

“Not one of us who is trying to lead change in the face of opposition is the first person to meet resistance. Sometimes we try to convince ourselves—or even God—that we’re the only ones who have it this tough. But that’s not true, not even close. God understands. And when you join the company of those who lead change, you sign up for conflict. Ironically, pursuing a God-given vision doesn’t mean you’ll be exempt from opposition. Just the opposite: it almost guarantees you’ll get some.”

Carey Nieuwhof, Leading Change Without Losing It: Five Strategies That Can Revolutionize How You Lead Change When Facing Opposition (The Change Trilogy). The reThink Group. Kindle Edition.


TOMORROW’S READING:  Psalm 119:81-176, 1 Corinthians 12:12-13:13

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